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Neist point Isle of Skye Scotland 1

Neist Point is the most Westerly point on the Isle of Skye, catching breath with amazing views over Moonen Bay to Waterstein Head and out over the Minch to the Western Isles.

Neist point is the best place on Isle of Skye where you can see whales,dolphins, porpoises and basking sharks. Many sea birds like gannets, black Guillemots, razorbills and shags are meeting around this area; rare and unusual fauna grow in the surroundings.

Il pellicano hotel-mare-toscana

Standing on the cliff of Argentario peninsula that juts into the Tyrrhe­nian Sea, the 50-room Hotel Il Pellicano for decades has been a shelter to socialites, movie stars, and royalties.

Originally a private villa owned by retired British aviator Michael Graham and his wife, Patricia, an American heiress, this beautiful place became a hotel in the mid-1960s.

Seegrotte underground lake -tourist boat

Close to Vienna, in the Austrian village of Hinterbrül, is situated the largest underground lake in Europe – Seegrotte, covering an area of 6,200 m².The clear waters of the lake,hidden in former gypsum mine are so unique, that even were chosen to be a set of the "Three Musketeers" Disney movie.

Cheval Blanc- garden-villas 2

For sure there is a reason why The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge chose to spend their romantic holiday twice at the amazing luxury Maldives resort Cheval Blanc. The brand new Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy property is the second Cheval Blanc Maison in the world /the other one is in Courchevel, France/ and is on a 40-minute private mini jet journey distance from the capital of Maldives.

Giethoorn village in the Netherlands 20

There aren’t many settlements in Europe where cars are prohibited, and the beautiful village Giethoorn is one of them. Founded around AD 1230 from Franciscan monks, nowadays Giethoorn is home to 2500 inhabitants whose house are located mostly on private islands overlooking the canals passing through the whole area.

The most spectactular opera houses in the worldThe most spectactular opera houses in the world

The art of opera can touch each soul opened to the beauty of the world. The opera houses are real temples  [ ... ]

World's greatest
Can you spot the differences – Benagil Cave and Devetashka CaveCan you spot the differences – Benagil Cave and Devetashka Cave

Mother nature has made many unique formations, but even though, sometimes we can see similar places in differe [ ... ]

Unique locations
Secluded English beach wedding at Tunnels BeachesSecluded English beach wedding at Tunnels Beaches

If you are searching for fantastic scenery location for your dream wedding, you surely are going to like the v [ ... ]

Great 4D family experience at the Italian resort Parchi Del GardaGreat 4D family experience at the Italian resort Parchi Del Garda

All kids would love this journey to a border that separates the real and the virtual world. Your family vaca [ ... ]

Family vacations
Wedding in the tropical gardens of Phoenix ZooWedding in the tropical gardens of Phoenix Zoo

From the African savanna or Bedouin camp way of life, to the amazing tropical greenery, the Phoenix Zoo offe [ ... ]

Treehotel with stunning design in SwedenTreehotel with stunning design in Sweden

Founded by an adventure enthusiast and a guesthouse owner, this unusual hotel will make you forget about you [ ... ]

Unusual accommodation
Irish style wedding at the country manor BallinacurraIrish style wedding at the country manor Ballinacurra

Ballinacurra House is a private estate for exclusive hire, located close to Ireland's gourmet capital, Kinsa [ ... ]

Thonga Beach Lodge-the unspoilt African beauty

Alluring crystal clear waters, fine sandy beaches, turtles laying eggs, whale sharks, swimming with dolphins [ ... ]

Romantic getaways
The Pasha's splendid hideout in Israel-American Colony Hotel

American Colony Hotel is a marvelous boutique hotel situated right in the heart of Jerusalem, delivering uni [ ... ]

Romantic getaways
Chandra Taal – the lake that springs from the undergroundChandra Taal – the lake that springs from the underground

The Lake of the Moon, or Chandra Taal, is located at an elevation of 4,300 meters above sea level and has th [ ... ]

Unique locations
Family fun at the luxurious camping club Alicourts resort Family fun at the luxurious camping club Alicourts resort

The Alicourts Resort is a luxurious park, offering a wonderful atmosphere close to the nature to families  [ ... ]

Family vacations
Love into the wilderness - Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge

Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge is pure gem amongst the romantic Australian wilderness experiences. Located on [ ... ]

Romantic getaways

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